Gulf Coast Hurricanes

Special Event 2022

May 21 - 24

Come join the fun. We will have stations active on all Gulf Coast States for this event where we remember the people on the Gulf Coast who were affected by hurricanes over the past years. Some were just a breeze with some rain thrown in but others were monsters doing considerable damage and loss of life. Historically ham radio has paid a large part in the preparation for, reports during, and recovery processes following these storms.

Participation can be on any mode except for FT-8 which does not lend itself to this event as we want people to be able to discuss their experiences with these storms in the past, not just make contest style QSOs.

Make contact with 3 or more stations and qualify for a certificate and work all 6 for the CLEAN SWEEP! Stations will be W4F for Florida, W4A for Alabama, W5M for Mississippi, W5L for Louisiana, W5T for Texas, notice a pattern here, and K5H as a memorial station for Hurricane Katrina.

AG5Z will handle all certificates as well as QSL replies. QSLs must have an SASE unless you are applying for a certificate. The $7.00 certificate fee will cover the cost of printing the certificates and cards as well as shipping the certificate and your QSL cards to you. You will need to send separate QSL cards to each station as I will be sending them to the station that you worked once I have processed them.

Gulf Coast Hurricanes Certificate Application

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Gulf Coast Hurricanes